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    charging/discharging board for
    lead-acid battery
     BS27A-P350/12V This product is charging/discharging board for lead-acid battery which enables blackout backup operation of power supply unit of our company Equipped with various signals as standard.
    Continuous: 100W(natural air cooling) / 150W(forced air cooling) / Peak: 200W
    Charge capacity 13.6V / 0.5A typ
    (constant voltage constant current trickle type)

    Compatible power supply
    UZP-120 Series(It is not compatible with UZP-120-**-J0L type)
    UZP-220 Series

    Recommended battery
    GS Yuasa :PXL12023
    GS Yuasa :PXL12050
    Standard, specifications: For standard and specifications, click each item.
    Compatible case size Other
    Outline drawing 73Wx38Hx158D
    Weight 0.2 kg typ
    Applied battery
    Nominal battery power voltage
    Rating capacity
    Built in fuse rating
    Operating temperature 0-40 deg.C/20-90%
    Storage temperature/humidity -15deg.C-40deg.C/20-90%
    Warranty One year after delivery; if defects belong to us, the defective unit shall be repaired or replaced at our cost.