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    High efficiency/Advanced type PCB Type AC-DC Switching Mode Ultra-Power Supply(+12V output Nylon connector type)
     UZP-220-12-JBE high efficiency 92% at AC 200V
    Reducing temperature rise with high efficiency
    400.8W high peak power
    Standby power consumption much lower thanErP directive Lot6
    The output voltage adjustment with potentiometer.
    Output specification
    Output specification
    Standard, specifications: For standard and specifications, click each item.
    Compatible case size Other
    Outline drawing 75Wx36Hx160D
    Weight 0.31 kg typ
    Input Voltage AC 85-264V
    Efficiency AC 90% typ(AC100V)/92% typ(AC200V)
    Power factor 99% typ(AC100V)/90% typ(AC200V)
    Input changeover system Worldwide
    Safety UL60950-1, CSA60950-1(c-UL),CCC S&E,
    CE marking(OEC62368-1) Compliant
    High frequency current regulation IEC61000-3-2 (ed.2.1) class D EN61000-3-2 (A14) class D compliant
    EMI standard
    (Input feedback noise)
    VCCI-B FCC-B CISPR22-B EN55022-B compliant
    CE marking Low voltage and EMI directive and RoHS2.0
    EMS immunity Electrostatic discharge: EN61000-4-2 compliant
    Radiate, radio frequency electromagnetic fields: EN61000-4-3 compliant
    Fast transient burst: EN61000-4-4 compliant
    Lightning surge: EN61000-4-5 compliant
    Conductive radio frequency electromagnetic fields: EN61000-4-6 compliant
    Power source frequency magnetic immunity: EN61000-4-8 compliant
    Voltage dips and fluctuation: EN61000-4-11 compliant
    Operating temperature -10 to 70 deg.C
    Leakage current 0.06mA typ (AC100V)/0.12mA typ(AC200V)
    Cooling systems Air-cooling without blower
    Output ground connection Capacitor ground
    Warranty Three years after delivery; the defective unit shall be repaired or replaced at our cost if defects belong to us.
    Compatible battery pack (Separately sold):When each icon is clicked, corresponding description is displayed.
    Lead uncomplianceNickel Metal Hydride compliance Lithium Ion uncomplianceCapacitor compliance
    BS28A-H350/2.5L Status outputs (remaining capacity/battery life notification)
    available for the battery package
    CB03A-EC400/801F A trouble concerning a countermeasure against instantaneous power failure is solved! Capacitor backup unit.
    Accessory (Optional)
    WH-02XH02XH-500 RC Signal Harness
    WH-03XH04XH-115 Connection harness for CB03A series
    WH-09ELP04XH-200 Connect the battery package,BS28A-H350/2.5L and UZP-220 Series
    WH-C05VH-800 Input Harness
    WH-C05VH-800-01 Input Harness (Ferrite Core equipped)
    WH-C08VH-500 Output Harness
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